A Source of Healing

Stem Cell Derived Exosomes

Stem cell derived exosomes have been shown to be the source of healing in stem cell treatments. The process for which stem cell products heal the body is as follows:

An injured tissue releases chemical markers signaling their damage:

  • A stem cell absorbs these markers and creates the appropriate components for healing the tissue
  • The stem cell packages these components into a vesicle called an exosome
  • The exosome goes to the site of injured tissue and attaches
  • The exosome releases its contents to the injured tissue, healing the tissue.
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    Stem Cell Exosomes

    Stem Cell derived exosomes have been shown to be efficacious in a number of studies related to repair of peripheral nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, accelerated wound healing and bone fusion, tissue repair, anti-inflammatory effects, skin regeneration, cartilage regeneration, treatment for injured ligaments/tendons, osteoarthritis, bone regeneration, and vaginal rejuvenation and much more.

    Due to the high medical risks of using live stem cells, they have been highly regulated. Currently, the only legal way to use live stem cells is if they are derived from the patient themselves or are not manipulated in any way and used as a tissue transplant. These current methods of using live stem cells have major shortcomings beyond the health risk.

    First, any tissue that is used as a transplant is limited in its application in only being able to be applied to similar tissue (placenta membranes may only be used on similar skin type tissues).

    Second, any self-derived stem cells are subject to degradation due to aging. At the age of 40 a person’s stem cells begin to lose effectiveness. By the age of 60, the age of most patients needing stem cell treatments, the stem cells are barely effective, if at all.

    We combat this by using a placenta from a new birth and extracting the mesenchymal stem cells. This allows us to use the newest and most potent stem cells possible. We then screen and culture them in a lab to control safety and efficacy of the cells. We then immerse them in the appropriate medium which allows them to secrete exosomes with consistent and high quantities of regenerative factors.

    Finally, we extract the exosomes and analyze them through batch testing at which point they are made available for research purposes.

    We have developed these stem cell derived exosomes and we have the first and only registered Biological Drug Masterfile with the FDA for MSC exosomes.

    Each dosage contains from 20 billion exosomes to 40 billion exosomes to 100 billion exosomes as the regenerative properties of these stem cell derived exosomes is remarkable.

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